Health Care Reform Articles-Poison fungus

poison fungusBeautiful fungus is dangerous because the poison – relining causes kidney damage. Jed after ingestion of poisonous mushrooms will start to work for several days and rarely in the course of two or three weeks.Among the most dangerous poisonous mushrooms are agarics, formerly known as the fly agarics tuber.


If an agarics poisoning has mainly two major toxins: paladin and amanita.Palladian cause’s indigestion, first vomit and persistent diarrhea Symptom however, come with a large enough time after eating mushrooms – after six, twelve or more hours, so the second toxin,Amanita has enough time to be absorbed from the digestive tract and to penetrate into the organs to the liver and then the kidneys.Perhaps it is necessary to explain that this is really poisoning very, very heavy, serious life-threatening. Finally, watch out! Sometimes just a small piece of the mushroom dish that killed agarics everything from mushroom goodness aioli a bite, which may be even potato soup from dried mushrooms, because the toxicity of some fungi remove or boiling or drying.for further detail  Health Care Reform Articles


How to behave when it comes to lifeThe mushroom poisoning doctors say that it is a fight against time, and sometimes it is really about a minute. A typical example is the suspected poisoning agarics.The most important step in this case as soon as possible to induce vomiting and administer a relatively large amount of charcoal – the whole package every four hours to dissolve in a glass of water that victim drink.  tips to help lose weight


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