Health Care Reform Articles-Prevent Eye Fatigue


Her daily practice may help prevent eye fatigue and contribute to maintaining good vision.Overview of all exercises can be found on this website you can also download a brochure with more information and tips about healthy eyes.With age, there are more risks
Vision with advancing age face a variety of risks and not just increasing doter the increasing threat of getting age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
Most often begins to appear in his fifties and affects the central vision area called the macula or yellow spot also. Of it is seen in the middle of the visual field.
“Macula of the eye is the specific place where there are many kinds of cells, and most of them are unable to reproduce. Any disability that arises there is permanent, “says MD.
Kola from Macular counseling University Hospital Brno The first manifestations has been a quarter of people in their sixties, the seventies there a third even half. It is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly, more frequent in women.Diseases in our country affected about half a million people, among them such director Milo Forman.
The lottery, which goes on sight
AMD is initially manifested quietly. Eyesight deteriorates during dusk and darkness, if you see a slightly blurred, the colors are not as bright as ever. Many people these difficulties examples of “normal” vision impairment or you notice too late, because the healthy eye patients initially able to replace. Most patients suffer dry form of the disease.article resource by  Health Care Reform Articles


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