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Health Care Reform Articles-Problems with eyes

ImageRepeat the exercise at least 15 times in each direction eyes up and down Move your eyes slowly up (look to the sky) and downwards. Repeat ten times.His eyes sidewaysKeep your eyes moving from one side to the other Keep your head still in a quiet upright on each side to look as far as possible? Repeat ten times.

Through the eyes of the diagonalFirst move eyes diagonally to the lower left corner, then the upper right corner. Repeat ten times.Circling eyesFirst swirl eyes on one side, repeat five times and then the other with the same number of times.during exercises If you close your eyes, you can also massage and eyeball.FocusPull ahead hand in which you hold a pencil vertically. Focus on the upper end of a pencil and a hand slowly pinch.for more detail  Health Care Reform Articles

I still keep focus on the pencil.Similarly, you can look pass the pencil away from the eyes of a foot on any subject at a distance (at least five meters), such as tree outside the window. Focus on eye pencil, then to the remote object. All ten again. After a few seconds, close your eyes and do the whole process again. Perform exercises quickly but thoroughly, to eyeball and lens accustomed to similar activities for more detail  tips to help lose weight


Health Care Reform Articles-Eye examination

eye examinationHowever, they are blind can take care of a third to half the price.
The wet form: when the body turns against us
Dangerous wet AMD is caused by the proliferation of blood vessels in the eye.There grow until the retina where they cause leakage of blood, edema and ultimately scarring, due to which one sees less, or may even blindness.Fortunately, in recent years discovered a cure that can stop the progression of the disease or slow down significantly. More than half of people with this disease and avoid severe vision loss.
“It is a revolutionary method of treatment. The fact that some patients are able to return already lost vision, it was unthinkable 10 years ago, “says MD Kola.Treatment must be precisely targeted and executed injected into the eye.

According to the MD Kola said not to worry: “The eye injected practically does not suffer.The needle is thin, only a tenth of a millimeter, and the procedure takes a few minutes, dispenses with extra pain free.”Scientists in the field of treatment of wet AMD also try to come up with new solutions for further detail  Health Care Reform Articles

.An example is a miniature telescope pea size implanted into the eye, focus vision for a healthy portion of the retina. His presentation but it will still take some time for all patients is not appropriate.Increased release the bottom of the spine reach swirling arms. First backwards and forwards.for more information: tips to help lose weight